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Ray's musical roots started at a very young age with his kin folk migrating from the Kentucky Appalachian mountains. Leaving the coal mines of eastern Kentucky to Scott County Indiana, his grandfather,father and maternal relatives came to Austin, Indiana to work at Morgans Foods and the American Can Company.

Ray's family grew up poor, but his parents always made sure he, and his siblings had musical instruments to play. Music  has been Ray's sanctuary since childhood and is passionate about all aspects of music.

Ray began Honing his musical skills on the drums, but quickly migrated to guitar in his early teens. Southern gospel and Bluegrass were early influences on Ray's playing but was intrigued by current country and rock of the times.

Ray's first non-religious band started during his freshman year of high school with his best friend and current Fabulous Hickbillys bass player, Rich (Dick) Wright, andhas been playing in various bands with Rich ever since.

Ray's playing has been described as soulful, original, country blues, tasteful, and hot honey poured over a warm blueberry muffin !

Ray's passion is music, not only playing, but is also a sound technician by trade, and is the former owner and operator of Common Ground Sound Productions, and Common Ground Music.

Ray is the owner and " designer" of the Fabulous Hickbillys sound system. If you venue doesn't have house sound, you'll be delighted at the sound they provide

Ray plays custom guitars built by RS Guitarworks out of Winchester, Kentucky, various Fender amps and guitars, Dr Z Prescription Jr amp, Dr Z Z-Best cabinet, Wampler, Boss, visual Sound, Fulltone, Xotic, HardWire, Dunlop and Mod Tone pedals.

Ray Bowling

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Outlaw Country, Real Country, Classic Rock and Blues