Outlaw Country, Real Country, Classic Rock and Blues

Rich's Bass Equipment

Aguilar Tone Hammer 500

Aguilar SL212

Road case usa

Shure wireless

Bassmods basses

Elixir Strings

DR Sunbeems

Ernie Ball Super slinkys

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Rich started playing music at a early age. After playing air guitar and beating on a couch with drum sticks with childhood friends they started a band. Rich ask what instrument he could play. His friends played a Kiss album and pointed out the bass line to rich and to hear Gene Simmons was all it took for him to fall in love with the bass. Rich has played many styles of music, but after hearing a Alabama cassette he turned to country music.

Rich begin to listen to Haggard,Waylon and Vern Gosdin there was no doubt this was the music he would play. Now Rich is with the Fabulous Hickbillys he has found his musical brothers and his musical home

Richard Wright

​Bass Player

Aguilar bass rig

Fabulous Hickbillys

Bassmods K534 Bass